Truly Gifted x Project Healthy Minds: The Importance of Connection

At Truly Gifted, our mission goes beyond the transactional; it’s about enriching lives and creating a lasting mark on our communities. As part of our commitment to fostering connection, we are a proud partner of Project Healthy Minds, a next-gen mental health tech non-profit dedicated to expanding access to mental health services across the country. We appreciate the profound impact strong social connections have on mental and physical health, and are committed to donating a portion of all sales to Project Healthy Minds to support their goal of ushering in a new era of mental health care. Our partnership allows us to extend the reach of our mission and support our customers and those who benefit from the programs created by Project Healthy Minds.

Project-Healthy Minds 20 Million Minutes Peloton Challenge

Beyond financial contributions, we are also excited to directly participate in events supporting Project Healthy Minds and mental health care advocacy. Truly Gifted Founder Jennifer Koman recently had the opportunity to take part in a Project Healthy Minds community event: during Mental Health Awareness Month this May, Jennifer participated in a live Peloton ride for Project Healthy Minds’ 20 Million Minutes Challenge. The challenge encouraged community members to log 20 million collective minutes of movement to raise awareness for mental health. Remarkably, they exceeded this goal before the live rides even began, reaching more than 27 million minutes of mindful movement! This campaign is one of many we look forward to supporting in our pursuit of fostering strong social connections and destigmatizing mental health.

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