Our New Mission: Recognizing Every Moment


Truly Gifted Desk with Token Moments and Family Photos

I have always been inspired by the power of meaningful connections. Staying in touch with the people we hold dear is the key to creating and maintaining strong relationships. Yet the communication of today has evolved into something that hardly resembles true connection. The intentional phone call to catch up has been replaced with a quick chat on a cell phone as we race to an appointment, a chat which inevitably ends with a hurried “gotta go!". Often, even those quick phone calls are replaced with a Siri-dictated text message.

In both our personal and professional lives - where in-person work meetings have evolved into Zooms and Google Meets - we are seemingly more digitally connected than ever. Even our visual communication has changed: as a society, we take infinitely more pictures now than in the history of mankind, but those photos live on our phones, only to be seen when our device serves us a highlight reel of those memories! Today’s digital society is amazing, but text messages and emails aren’t enough to keep us truly connected to the humans on the other side of the screen.

With that in mind, I circled back to the mission of Truly Gifted: to connect people. Beyond holiday cards and wedding albums, I sincerely believe that the most meaningful moments we experience can be found in everyday occurrences. Gifting is my love language and I have come to realize there is no greater gift than sharing your words and cherished memories.

Token Moment Card and Photo Moment Picture Frame on a Table

I created Token Moments and Photo Moments to help you honor those day-to-day moments with ease. Be it love, empathy, or simple reminders of care, we are here to acknowledge all of life’s happenings. Truly Gifted is not just a brand - it’s a movement dedicated to transforming everyday moments into cherished memories of connection. Join us in recognizing every moment: big moments, little moments, and everything in between.


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